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First Breach was formed in 2018 to combine high quality equipment, experienced people, and assets within the complex defense industry. First Breach manufactures and wholesales high quality components at the domestic and international levels. We service militaries, LE, and government contracts as well as retail. First Breach’s combination of specialized knowledge and experience allows us to maximize client potential, while maintaining aggressive pricing structures. With unparalleled integrity and dedication to elite service, First Breach provides the procurement experience needed for success.

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First Breach Co-Founder and President/COO, Jordan Low, served in Israel’s Golani Brigade. During Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, Jordan was critically injured in Gaza while helping his squadron escape a burning building after it was hit by terrorist anti-tank missiles. After recovering, Jordan took over the management of the Golani Brigade’s main facility where he helped train the next generation of fighters. Jordan, a sharpshooter in Israel’s Golani Brigade, is trained in various weapons systems, close-quarter combat and counter-terrorism techniques. Jordan understands first-hand the need for combat operators to have reliable and high quality equipment. 

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